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약어 목록
No. 약어 원어 설명
71 CINCUNC Commander in Chief, United Nations Command UN군사령관
72 COMFEAF Commander, Far East air Forces 극동공군사령관
73 COMNAVFE Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in the Far East 미 극동해군사령관
74 COSMAC Commander, U.S. Strategic Air Command 미 전략공군사령관
75 CG Commanding General 사령관
76 CGAFFE Commanding General, American Forces in the Far EAst 미 극동군사령관
77 CGEUSAK Commanding General, Eighth United States Army in Korea 주한 미 제8군사령관
78 CCArEight Commanding General, Eighth army 제8군사령관
79 CGKCOMZ Commanding General, Korean Communications Zone 병참관구사령관
80 COMMZ Communications Zone 병참지대